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                Never be without a bike

                Never be without a bike

                Find a bike near you and unlock with your phone.

                Donkeys around the world

                How it works

                RENT A DONKEY

                Open the Donkey Republic app
                to see pick-up locations,
                and rent it with your phone

                UNLOCK WITH YOUR PHONE

                Connect to the lock via Bluetooth
                to lock and unlock your Donkey
                whenever you make a stop

                RIDE AND KEEP THE BIKE

                Short or long rentals.
                Lock and unlock your bike
                as much as you like

                RETURN AT THE END

                When you are done riding, bring
                the Donkey to an available drop-off
                location, end your rental in the app

                Partner with Donkey

                Want to partner with us? Visit our partner site now.


                Okay, so how do I rent a bike?

                That’s super easy! Download our app on your mobile phone, find the nearest available Donkey Bike and rent it in the app.? You can rent up to 5 bikes, for short or long rental periods. You unlock the bike with the app through a Bluetooth connection. During the rental period, you can take the bike wherever you like and lock/unlock as much as you like. At the end of the rental, you have to bring the Donkey to a drop-off location, this way we keep the city organised and help the next riders to find the bikes too.

                How much does it cost to rent a bike?

                Our bike rental prices vary for countries and cities. Get the exact price for your preferred pick-up location and rental time in the Donkey Republic App. Apart from short rides, and daily rentals, we also offer monthly membership plans for regular use.

                Where can I leave the bike?

                During your rental, you can lock your bike anywhere and it will be waiting for you. At the end of the rental, you must return the bike to any available drop-off location shown in the app. If you fail to return to an available drop-off location you may be charged a relocation fee.

                The drop-off locations make sure bikes are kept orderly and don’t end up trashing your city! So remember to pay attention while parking your bike and consider your fellow cyclists and pedestrians.

                You can find more tips and help here.

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                Download the app to rent a bike today

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