Be part of the Critical Mass bike rides

Critical Mass is a global bike ride, a bike “protest” and social movement, called once a month by bike enthusiasts. The goal of the parade is to promote urban cycling and raise attention for better cycling infrastructure in designated cities. Critical Mass bike rides are entirely driven by regular citizens who simply want better conditions for cycling.

Donkey Republic supports Critical Mass bike rides in Berlin,?Aarhus, Munich and Barcelona with free bike usage for the duration of the event. We do this to help the parade grow bigger and help locals prove the demand for better cycling infrastructure in these cities.?

We support the annual bike ride in Budapest too, which also started as a monthly Critical Mass bike ride and grew into one of Europe’s largest cycling protests called I Bike Budapest. During IBBP, 20 thousand people – young and old – ride together for better biking conditions in the Hungarian capital.

bike ride, group of people biking
Photo: Erdo?s De?nes – Magyar Kere?kpa?rosklub


Ride a Donkey for free during Critical Mass

Find your city and get on a Donkey Bike for free to join the Critical Mass events. The below coupon codes are valid on the day of the events, from 16.00, and they will give you a free rental for up to 12 hours.

Where and When

Critical Mass Aarhus
When: Every first Friday of the month from 17.30 (meeting from 17.00)
Where: Store Torv in front of Domkirken
Code: CM4AAR

Massa Crítica Barcelona
When: Every first Friday of the month from 20.00
Where: Arc de Triomf de Barcelona
Code: CM4BCN

Critical Mass Berlin
When: Every last Friday of the month from 20.00
Where: Mariannenplatz
Code: CM4BER

Critical Mass Copenhagen
When: Every first Friday of the month from 17.30
Where: Kiosk “Eventyr” – near F?lledparken in ?sterbro
Code: CM4CPH

Critical Mass Munich
When: Every first Friday of the month at 18.00
Where: Max-Joseph-Platz
Code: CM4MUN

I Bike Budapest: Yearly, around the end of April
Code: IBBP (valid for 12 hours from the morning on the day of the ride)


If you need support for your event that promotes sustainability, urban mobility or social justice and you think having access to bikes would make a difference for it, get in touch with us.

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