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                Donkey Lease Plan

                Better than owning a bike!

                The reliability of owning with the convenience of sharing- the new Donkey Lease Plan

                No signup fee, no binding

                Don’t wait for a bike, sign up in the app and find your bike nearby. No registration fee, no binding period. If you no longer need your Donkey Lease, cancel it in the app and you won’t be charged for the next month.

                Don’t wait for repairs

                Get on a Donkey Bike whenever and wherever you want. If you have a problem, don’t wait for repairs, simply switch to another bike nearby via the app. One of our Shepherds will go and fix the Donkey.

                Ride it or leave it

                Keep a Donkey Bike for up to 7 days at a time with the monthly Donkey Lease. This gives you flexibility if your plans change and you would take the metro, or if your friends are on bikes and you suddenly need one too.

                Valid in all cities

                We saved the best for last, with your Donkey Lease you get access to bikes in more than 50 cities across Europe. Check our cities or our global bike map in the app and make sure we are at your next destination.

                The best of two worlds

                Have a bike when you need one and enjoy your flexibility when you don’t. With combining leasing and sharing, you have the freedom to choose between a reliable bike, taking the metro, walking, and simply taking another bike in another part of the city.

                Donkey Lease and bike-share. Huh?

                Each time you take a Donkey Bike you can keep it for up to 7 days without returning it into the sharing system. This gives you enough time to ride on a Donkey as if it was yours, but also return it if you don’t plan to use it. This way others can also enjoy the wind in their hair, while you have the flexibility of not owning a bike.

                Have immediate access to a bike that always works!

                The best part about cycling is the freedom and efficiency it gives you in the city. In a shared system there will always be bikes temporarily not ready for a ride, however you should not wait for a new bike or repairs. Simply switch to an available bike nearby with the help of the Donkey app, and you are good to ride!

                Valid in all cities

                Not just on your travels, but also on your commute and work trips. We cover Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Copenhagen, Malmo, Berlin, Budapest, Ghent, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and many more. If you are planning a “staycation” like so many this year, why not take advantage of your 7-day Donkey Lease and make it a bike trip?

                Get your Donkey Lease and ride away