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                How to rent Donkey Bikes

                You can take a Donkey for more than a short ride.
                During your rental you can make stops,
                unlock and lock your bike as many times as you want.
                At the end of your rental bring the Donkey to a drop-off location.

                How it works

                Rent a Donkey in?a few clicks

                Open the Donkey Republic app to see rental locations, find a Donkey near you and rent it with your phone.

                Unlock with?your phone

                Connect to the lock via Bluetooth to lock and unlock your Donkey whenever you make a stop

                End your rental at?a drop-off location

                When you are done riding, bring the Donkey to an available drop-off location, which are shown with dark pins on the map

                Download the app to rent a bike today

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