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                Local Memberships

                Leave your bike worries with us.
                For a fixed monthly fee, you get free time on
                all your rides with several other benefits.

                Lease plan

                Reliably Flexible

                Giving you the best of both worlds, this membership allows you to keep a bike for up to 7 days each time you book a ride. While letting you switch bikes whenever you need.

                1h free time

                Daily Commuter

                Perfect for your everyday commute. With 1 hour free on every ride, getting to work or school and back is simple and easy.

                12h free time

                Busy Commuter

                Manage your errands throughout your day and enjoy your weekend adventures with 12 hours of free riding time with each of your rides.

                Making your life a little easier

                Constant maintenance

                Our local mechanics are constantly monitoring our bikes and fixing them when needed, so you never have to worry about it again! If the bike you book has a problem, you can simply report the bike issue and switch to another one nearby. Our mechanics will come by to fix it so it’s ready for the next rider.

                Theft insurance

                We know bike theft is a problem in cycling cities, so worry a little less with our theft insurance. If the bike your currently using gets stolen, you are covered through our bike theft insurance. Meanwhile, you can simply hop on any other bike and our support team will be more than happy to help you.

                Enjoy short and long trips

                With our memberships, you get free time for every and all rides you make on a pedal bike. Take a weekend trip with friends and family. With pick up and drop off points across the city, there is always a bike near you.

                Explore the world, just like home

                With your membership, you get access to bikes across Europe. Your free time works in all cities that Donkey Republic is present in. So when you are deciding on where to travel, check our cities or our global bike map in the app and make sure we are there!