Top 10 unique places to visit in Berlin on a bike

Berlin is not your average capital. It has its own unique edgy and artsy vibe, with a rich underground scene. So, if you’ve seen the basic tourist attractions, let us show you some favourite spots of our Berlin Donkey Squad that are a little more authentic and local. Hop on your Donkey bike and enjoy the ride! Hint: we’ve created a bike route in Google Maps with all the locations mentioned, to make your trip smooth! Scroll down and check it out.?

Markthalle 9 –? Pamper your taste buds at a historical marketplace

Markethalle 9
Source: Yelp

Reopened in 2011, Markethall Nine is a 120-year-old market located on Kreuzberg’s Eisenbahnstra?e. A traditional food market runs on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays but the main event happens on Sundays. You will find all kinds of delicious treats from Italian phenomenal pastries to craft beer to tasty pulled pork sandwiches. Yumm!

Klunkerkranich –? Chill out like a real Berliner?

Source: Thrilist

This place is everything that Berlin is; artsy, edgy, cool and it’s hidden on a rooftop!. ?

Klunkerkranich is a summer garden, bar, and place to chill while you listen to music. It’s a bit hard to find on the top of? Neuk?lln Arcaden mall (top-tip: you have to go through the carpark). Hang out for the evening and watch the sun go down over the city.

Bikini Berlin – Snag some goodies from local designers

Bikini Berlin
Source: Urbanara


If you are tired of fast fashion or mainstream brands, Bikini is for you. It’s the first-ever concept mall in Germany with unique, stylish boutiques and flagship stores selling high-quality fashion garments and design accessories. The 20 pop-up stores rotate brands regularly, so you can discover always new stuff.

Holzmarkt – Unwind at the quirky urban oasis?

Berlin Holzmarkt
Source: Tripadvisor

Holzmarkt is truly charming with its colorful, DIY design. It has everything you’ll need: food stands, urban gardens, day care for kids, a gallery, yoga studio, a coworking space, two stages for theater and events, several bars and the must visit techno club Kater Blau. This great summer spot is just by the canal and an afternoon catching up with friends here will fly by in an instant.?

Mauerpark – Enjoy all the activities at this lively park

Mauerpark Berlin

Parks are a favourite spot for anyone who lives in Berlin. Apart from being a nice green spot in the busy city, Mauerpark also hosts a popular flea market and the occasional open-air karaoke on SundaysMauerpark is often buzzing with activity and is definitely a great option to hang out with both visitors and locals alike.?

Hackesche H?fe – Submerge yourself in some historical Art Nouveau?

Hackesche H?fe

The largest courtyard complex in Germany, Hackesche H?fe is the meeting point for all kinds of people. In the eight courtyards you will find cultural institutions, a cinema, cafés and shops. In contrast to all the delicate tiles and old buildings, make sure you look for the corridor that is covered in cool street art.?

Tempelhofer Feld?– Zoom down an airport runway on your Donkey bike

Tempelhofer Feld?Berlin

Once West Berlin’s gateway to the world, Tempelhof was the biggest German airport in the 1950’s. The airport has been closed since 2008 and residents have enjoyed is as a public park. There is 6km cycling, skating and jogging trail, a 2.5 hectare area for picnics and BBQs, a huge dog park as well as eclectic urban gardens. We highly recommend speeding down the runway with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world.?

Burgermeister – Hungry after all that biking? Have a burger at an old public toilet?

Burgermeister Berlin
Source: Tripadvisor

Yes, you heard it right. You can eat a phenomenal burger made in an old toilet! The iconic Burgermeister is well known and loved by locals. It’s late opening hours has the added advantage of hitting the spot after a night of party. There is almost always line when you get there, but we assure you it’s worth the wait!

Pl?tzensee – Take a dip at Berlin’s urban beach??

Pl?tzensee Berlin

Surrounded by a cemetery complex and the memorial to the victims of National SocialismPl?tzensee isn’t technically a beach, but you will find nice sand, wooden docks to jump into the water, a beer garden and a water slide. It is not too far out of the city center and an easy ride on a Donkey bike.

Teledisko – party in the World’s smallest disco

Teledisco Berlin
Source: Secretcitytravel

Berlin has a world-famous nightlife and party culture, with strict door policies and epic raves. If it’s not your cup of tea, you can still have your own party. Teledisco is one single phone booth that will fit you and thereof your best friends. The tiny club offers everything a disco should: smoke machine, stroboscope, light effects, and a disco ball.

Treptower park – Paddle a kayak near the hip district

Treptower Park Berlin

Treptower is the second biggest park of Berlin, with 84 hectares of greenery and a harbor. Apart from your classic park activities; you can rent a kayak, or pedal-boat and enjoy the park on the water before stopping by the boat restaurant Klipper for a smoked salmon sandwich. Hopback on your Donkey and carry on along the riverbank to the Spreepark amusement park to the ferry which takes you to the other side of the Spree.

Lastly, look at this route and enjoy the ride!

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